Seasonal Sale Ending Soon!

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Hola Friends!

Bri, here! If you didn't know - every time during this year I put on a Seasonal Sale. I'm not one for the Black Friday buzz, but I am one for moving inventory. And boy do I have a lot of that!

So I feel this is a mutually beneficial arrangement - you get a sale, I get my space freed up so I can make more goodies.

bri.craftique Seasonal Sale

First off -  I am providing a sale on my Etsy shop - 25% off all items (No minimum); and let's not forget about the FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING with any order over $30 (that's year round folks).

Click here to be directed to my Etsy shop.

Next is my website! I feel like a lot of those items haven't got to see the light of day in a while, because I either didn't post them regularly or forgot they existed. So I am hosting a 30% off sale (no minimum) on my website annnnnnnd . . . If you spend $50 or more, you get a free gift with purchase ( a lovely bookmark* to brighten your reading)

Lastly, are my Daily Instagram Deals - exclusive to my Instagram followers (That means, if you aren't one - what are you waiting for?) They get announced everyday at 12 PST. Simply comment SOLD or head to DM's.

Follow me on my Instagram here.

 Hope you can take advantage of this awesome sale. Once again, it ends tomorrow - so you have one more day to take advantage! 

With love,

*Bookmark will be selected at random. If there is a particular color/print that you like, you can make a request in the notes section of your order. No promises can be made - as it is first come, first serve. 

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