The Beginnings of bri.craftique

"Simplistic Designs with an Eclectic Edge"


I started playing around with beads as a teen, but took it seriously once I become an adult. I was always fascinated by the colors + texture combos that jewelry brought (e.g glass, ceramics, semi-precious stones). I was also finding that the style of jewelry I preferred was often expensive, hard to find, or lacking interest. Soon, I began to do some digging of my own at gem fairs and small businesses, to locate unique beads that would satisfy my search. I then began to experiment with different beads to make each jewelry piece interesting.


In 2017, I quit my government job of 10 years and decided to make the plunge and start my own handmade business - as first specializing in diffuser jewelry. Diffuser jewelry is a niche I feel comfortable in, because, while I like glitz + glamour, I am a very practical and functional person. I enjoy using oils and benefit greatly from their use - so why not marry the two? As I continued in my journey, I began making seed bead + glass crystal stretch bracelets to pair with the diffuser jewelry. My sales increased and customers began requesting these pieces. I enjoy making these as well because while they are simple, I create unique color schemes and sets that appeal to the eye. This diversity not only keeps my makes interesting but stays with the mission of keeping things "simplistic" or easy to wear. 

It is my goal to pass on the joy + satisfaction I received from making and wearing something unique and different than most, while maintaining these beautiful pieces at a reasonable price.