A Makers's World Can Get Lonely

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I for one can admit that things can get lonely. As a maker, there is a bunch of different things swirling through our minds at one time.

We base our progress on views, likes, shares, saves, purchases, reach, etc. All that preoccupation with metrics/analytics can put us in an endless tunnel of "measuring up." It is easy to get discouraged. 

But the reality is: As long as you keep going, you keep progressing. This progress will look different for each person. But when we remind ourselves of this fact - we can shift our mindset from the have-nots to the haves.

What are some tips to making progress? Here are a few

🎯Set Easy to Reach Goals: Sometimes we think of the bigger goals like gaining x amount of followers or making x amount of sales. But is it attainable? Be realistic with where you are and what you are able to accomplish (if you work, have a family, have physical/emotional limitations, etc). 

🔄️Modify your Approach: Sometimes it isn't what you are doing, so much as it i how you are doing it. For example, I set a goal for myself to list all my collection items in one drop, but I found that this approach was hard to keep up with. I never would do it and then I would be scrambling or in a pathetic state because I barely did anything. I couldn't take it anymore! One day I decided to list at least 5 items, every Friday. That way I can hold myself accountable to refresh the site every week and it helps me build excitement with my shop followers. Most importantly, it was achievable. Better something than nothing.

🩷Be YOU!: I hate to admit that I spent a lot of time comparing with other people, or spending more than I should on my shop metrics/analytics. While having that information will help you target your desire audience, a better idea is to JUST BE YOU! People gravitate to you, simply for being you! I know - we convince ourselves or talk ourselves out of that fact - but the more you stick to your values, your vision and what is most important to you - the rest will follow! Lead with authenticity and you will never question what is for you!

Whether you are an artist/maker/creative or not, these tips apply: Keep making those goals, pivoting with the changing environment, and most importantly- continue to show up as yourself. With those tips, you will always win!

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