Summer XXI Collection: Cielo y Mar

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Every summer, I choose beach vibes! This year's collection is called "Cielo y Mar" translated as "Sky and Sea". Name a better combo? I'll wait.

There is something about the way the sky meets the sea. The clouds, the colors and the amazing reflections. And the overwhelming feeling of peace when too infinite bodies meet. 

Have you ever really thought about it? That there is so much happening above and below us. It definitely is enough to keep us grounded.

This amazing collection has a release date of July 17 - only here on www.bricraftique. Make sure to subscribe to get all the updates! 

Until then, enjoy some inspiration for the collection! 

With love,

Peach-Rose beads, shell beads, wood beadsCarlsbad CA beach

Collecting mussels at the beach - Pacific Grove CAStarfish and Cowrie Shells

California PoppiesBlue Beads - Recycled Glass Beads, Druzy, Agate stones, bone beads, seaglass

No Parking Any Time, Beach Views, Monterey, CAOrange and Yellow Beads - wood beads, recycled glass beads, peachy stones

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