Khi's Creations: A Lesson in Letting Go

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Usually when I am in my studio, I like to be unbothered. Headphones in, Music up and either fulfilling orders or making new jewelry pieces.

This one particular day was no exception. And as life would have it, when you are looking your most "busiest" self, your child (or significant other/pet), will come in and burst your bubble.

That distraction is usually my son, Khi, who rushes in the room to notify me of what happened during school. There is usually a lot of head nods, "uh huh's" and "okay, can you find something to do? I'm busy" from me. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of him staring at my new beads. (Uh oh!) Then comes the little hand!!! (Eeeeek!).

Khi: "Mommy, what are you making?" "These beads are pretty!" he says with a smile.

Me: "Yes, yes they are. Now can you find something to do, Khi?" I answer a bit annoyed.

He is still at my desk, gleaming at the beads.

Khi: "I want to make something", he declares proudly.

By this point, I would usually shoo him out of my space, for fear of harm or him "touching my things." But he was so determined to make something. His eyes so eager, and his smile too tempting. I gave in. Plus, he already had fixed some beads on a headpin (a wire component used for jewelry making). I didn't have the heart to tell him no.

Me: " Okay", I said with a big sigh.  

And there we were - both at the desk, feverishly working. Every time my son made a piece, he would show me and explain why he put the pieces together and what he was going to pair next. I was quite impressed with his eye for design. But the more important result was allowing him to feel apart of my world and express his creativity. 

 Khi's Creations in process Khi's Creations in the process

It felt good to actually have someone standing right beside me during work, and even better - a little helper! This little collaboration reminded me of the many days as a new mom, creating with my little guy right beside me. After all, he is the main reason I started this business! 

Anyways, just thought I would share this little "behind the scenes" look at what happens here at bri.craftique studios. I made to leave his creations 100% as he made them - no alterations! If you would like to check out Khi's Creations, please click here! (which is a segment of our new Spring Collection: Romantic Regency). All proceeds of his jewelry sales will be going to his piggybank! 

Thank you for taking interest in our family business. We truly value your love and support!

With love,



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