Black Friday Sales: Are They Really Worth It?

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Black Friday Sale buzz is all around, which makes it hard to tell if "buying in" is really worth it? To be quite honest, I have never been one to get caught up in the sales hysteria. The crowds, the lines, the items . . . it never really appealed to me.

The allure never pulled me in for two reasons:

  • I buy items on sale items on a daily basis, which helps me gauge if it really is a deal or just a gimmick. A lot of the times, companies market it as a “doorbuster” or “deep discount”, but truth is – this probably won’t be the only time they do that.
  • Another concerning issues, is the issue of ‘hyper-consumerism’ - feeling the desire to buy things, when in actuality, you really don’t need them. Some people do have gift-giving in mind, while others are simply buying because it’s on sale.

No doubt, there are some good sales out there and as a small business owner, I have observed the pressure to put on one myself. My choice to put on a sale comes from two schools of thought: can I afford to put on a sale and what is the desired result?

As long as I can afford it (meaning price doesn’t undervalue the item) and if there is a clear goal in mind – I put on a sale.

As a small business, there are many advantages to putting on a sale during the holiday season:

  • Great opportunity to capitalize on sales
  • See what consumers are interested in buying
  • Identifying trends in the market
  • Increases shop visibility
  • Potential in gaining new customers

If you are a consumer interested in handmade goods, this is the perfect time to buy! Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Makers rarely put on sales, so this might be the only time you see your favorited Etsy shop put on a discount of that magnitude.
  • Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday follow Black Friday sales, so you can often see the Black Friday sale run beyond Friday.
  • You are supporting an independent maker, who can provide more pieces with that income gained from this sale period. (Yay! Fresh Goods)
  • Many shops provide FREE SHIPPING or FREE GIFT WRAPPING in conjunction with the sale – so more bang for your buck!

 So whether you are a buyer or a seller on Black Friday, there is something for you! As with any purchase or sale, always do your homework!

I hope these tips were helpful and feel free to check out my Black Friday sale exclusive my Etsy shop.

 Happy Hunting!

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