Meet the Maker


Hello! My name is Brianna, or Bri, as loved ones call me. I am honored that you want to get to know me better. But honestly, I am no different or more special than anyone else. The only thing that sets me a part is that I decided to take a risk. Let me explain . . .

My Struggle

 For my former work, I trained and coached high school seniors to get meaningful job experience and in turn, be on the path to success for their career goals. A part of that training was teaching them that they themselves could be self-employed and not just land a job, but create one. 

Here I stood, telling youths how to follow their dreams and I myself was a walking contradiction. I wasn't doing that for myself. Don't misunderstand - I loved my job. My passion was working with youth. Heck, I even went to school to be a teacher.

But it wasn't my dream.

My dream was to be an artist, but like most people, I believed there was no future as an artist. Artists don't get paid. It's not a real job. Stick to your 9-5. And truthfully, I also believed that I wasn't good enough. I let self-doubt and fear drive me away. It was just that - a dream.

 The Big Change

But after I created an Instagram account (@bri.crafty) in 2015, I started to share with the world my artistry. And after the encouragement and positivity of others, it became clear that this is something I can do! 

In late 2017 , I ended my 10 year employment with the City of Sacramento (big risk) and set out to start my business -  bri.craftique. All of the sudden, I was a stay at home mom and unemployed - two things I never saw myself being. And I am not gonna lie - it was scary! 

But I continued on my passion to make versatile and easy to wear jewelry pieces for the everyday woman.  "Simplistic Designs with an Eclectic Edge". And I am amazed at all the progress and changes that my business has gone through. It just keeps getting better!

So thank you for taking the time to meet this maker! I truly value your support.

P.S. I like to garden, dance and take long walks on the beach.

With Love,