Winter XXI Collection: Hollywood Regency

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Hollywood Regency - think lavish glamour, sophistication and those delicious jewel tones. Ruby and Garnet reds, Emerald Greens, Sapphire Blues and Yellow Topaz - all tied together with silver and gold. It's time to get stylish with this Winter Collection.

 Here are a few Vintage looks that inspired me: 


Emerald Greens

Featured above is the famed Marilyn Monroe, wearing a gorgeous pant suit by William Travilla, in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). 


Ruby/Garnet Reds

Opera Singer and Actress, Margaret Tynes, sporting a Ruby Red cocktail dress. (1959)

What a vintage gem!

Sapphire Blues

This model is striking a post with this 50's couture number! Jean Pachett Fashion Editiorial Photograph (1950) 

Yellow Topaz

Bringing a pop of yellow, with this (1958) bright Balenciaga midcentury classic! 


I just love looking back at Midcentury fashion. A girl can truly get lost!

Looking at these outfits, as glamorous as they were, make me feel sorry for the wearer - they probably were very uncomfortable with all the girdles, pantyhose and tight fit.

My upcoming jewelry collection is similar in its glam but much different in that respect. I always make jewelry with the wearer in mind - making sure it is comfortable and versatile. Whether you are going out on the town or having a casual time with friends - my Winter XXI Collection is sure to please!

Check out this collection on January 15, 2021 here at

I hope you find something that catches your eye!

What color are you excited about? Share in the comments below! 

With love,

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