Conglomerate Jasper + Lava Bead diffuser necklace
Conglomerate Jasper + Lava Bead diffuser necklace

Conglomerate Jasper + Lava Bead diffuser necklace

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This essential oil diffuser tassel necklace was created with:

• Green conglomerate Jasper, rectangle

• Black lava stone, round 

Handmade wire wrapped tassel, made with teal faux suede

Strung on a 18 inch gold, nickel-free chain & a barrel clasp.

Pendant size: Roughly 3 inches

Tassel size: 1.5 inches


Tassel Material

In order to appeal to a wide array of customers, the tassel is made with faux seude. Faux suede is an animal friendly (vegan) material created with polyester microfiber made to mimic the texture of suede. While this material is stiffer and not as pliable as natural suede, it will absorb the essential oils just the same! -

Tassel Length

Each tassel is handmade so dimensions will vary. Each tassel is made to be roughly 1.5 inches in length. 

This item is intended to be used with your favorite essential oil and it provides TWO POINTS of aromatherapy - on the lava stone and the faux suede tassel. Simply place 1-2 drops of your desired oil on the lava stone (porous, black stone) and/or the faux suede tassel. Depending on quality/intensity of your essential oil, aroma can last anywhere from hours to days.

CAUTION: When wearing your tassel diffuser, please ensure oils are fully absorbed in the tassel before wear - so as to avoid oils on your clothes. 

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