2022 Wrap Up with bri.craftique

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Whew! How did we get here? Again, another year has passed and so much has happened! 

This was the first year I did a full year of full time work while juggling my business. I definitely had some growing pains along the way but managed to pull off 13 pop ups this season. 

And let's not mention when I had to move unexpectedly in the middle of the year and put my shop on vacation mode. Definitely put a snag in all my plans.

Monetarily speaking, I wasn't a HUGE success - but considering what I was up against, I will take what I can get. The point is - I didn't quit. I love my business, my customers and my community waaaay too much to let that happen.

And as the clock ticks down on the year 2022, enjoy this 30% off sale* which is my way of saying THANK YOU to every single person that complimented my table, shared my business with others or even . . . dare I say, PURCHASED FROM ME! Every bit counts and is appreciated. 

Honestly, this is my passion project and I love seeing the evolution of it since beginning almost 5 years ago (Don't worry - my anniversary sale in January will be even better). Make sure you are subscribing to get the latest!

Again, I couldn't do this without you. So big hugs and even bigger thanks for being you. 

With love,

*30% sale on all items is available on both my website and my Etsy shop.

No minimums. Sale ends 1/2/23 11:59 pm

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